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E-Kleen SR 1020/1021/1022

High Performance Non-Gluconated, Heavy-Duty Desmutter/Electrocleaner Additive For Steel 

E-Kleen SR 1020/1021/1022 additive is mixed with your sodium hydroxide (caustic) saving you money and improving your cleaning performance.  It removes difficult to clean carbonaceous smut on steel/iron substrates without using gluconates.  Eliminating gluconates makes it easier to waste treat your spent electrocleaner.  You can use sodium salts instead of calcium salts for waste treatment generating less sludge.  Now you can achieve the desmutting qualities you require without waste treatment worries when using gluconated electrocleaners. 

The E-Kleen SR 1020/1021/1022 electrocleans difficult to clean parts resulting in a brighter plated deposit with excellent adhesion.  When you are plating parts sometimes they come out dull and you think it is the brightener system.  The E-Kleen SR 1020/1021/1022 process produces a cleaner part resulting in a better adhesion and more luster.  It’s like adding brightener with some parts.

EPi offers nine types of electrocleaner blends – three that are sodium based, three that are potassium based, and three that are hybrid based sodium/potassium.

       Product Silicate Chelator
E-Kleen SR 1020 NO NO
E-Kleen SR 1021 YES NO
E-Kleen SR 1022 YES YES


Temperature 160º - 200º F