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E-Kleen 173

E-Kleen 173 — A combination electrolytic and soak cleaner for zinc diecastings, as well as copper, brass and steel.

E-Kleen 173 is a mildly alkaline powdered mixture of highly fortified surface active agents, detergents, suspension agents and builders which is dissolved in water for the fast, effective cleaning of metals.

E-Kleen 173 contains a chrome reducer.

E-Kleen 173 is recommended for applications where there is limited cleaning equipment — no secondary soak available. It is excellent for short cleaning cycles.

It is recommended as a cathodic cleaner for diecast zinc and white metal with a short current reversal to anodic just prior to removal of a rack.

It is an excellent cathodic cleaner for copper, brass and steel.

E-Kleen 173 removes light buffing compounds and light oils.


  • Long Life.
  • Excellent chrome reducing properties which is advantageous when racks are not stripped.
  • Free rinsing.
  • Does not scum with hard water.
  • Resists drying tendency with long transfer times when used at temperatures of 130° to 150° F


Temperature 130° to 150° F
Concentration 8 to 10 wt. oz/gal. of water
Time 10 to 40 seconds
Voltage 5 – 7 volts for anodic current 0.5 – 1 volt for cathodic cleaning of zinc diecast
Amperage 15 – 20 amps per square foot