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E-Kleen 125

E-Kleen 125 — A powdered mixture of surface agents, detergents, suspension agents and buffers which is dissolved in water for the fast effective cleaning of copper, brass, steel and zinc diecast.

This highly buffered material is recommended as a heavy duty electrolytic and soak metal cleaner which will not attack zinc die-castings or slush castings.

It electrolytically removes smut while preventing the redeposition of soils and preparing the surface for electroplating.

E-Kleen 125 is the preferred soak metal cleaner to be used without an intervening water rinse prior to an electrolytic solution of E-Kleen 125.

It can also be used as an electrolytic or soak cleaner for copper, brass and steel.

Lower temperatures (140° to 160° F) may be required with copper and brass. There will be some mild oxidation (darkening) of the copper and brass surfaces during electrolytic cleaning. These oxides are easily removed with a short acid pickle prior to electroplating.

When used as a soak metal cleaner the concentration is maintained at 8 to 10 oz/gal. and temperatures in excess of 160°F. The required cleaning time will depend upon the type and degree of soil on the surfaces and on the concentration and temperature of the solution.


Temperature 140° to 200° F
Concentration 4 to 10 oz/gal. of water
Immersion Time 15 seconds to 2 minutes for zinc, copper, and brass 1 to 5 minutes for steel
Polarity Anodic (reverse current)
Current Density 10 to 30 asf zinc, copper, 50 to 100 asf steel