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Insta-Blak A-385

Room Temperature Blackening Solution for Aluminum

The Insta-Blak A-385 liquid concentrate is diluted with water and used as an immersion blackening solution for aluminum and its alloys.  Used full strength, the concentrate may be applied by swab-on techniques for blackening engravings, etchings, prototype parts or for the quick touch-up of scratched or re-machined black anodized surfaces.

The black finishes are of negligible thickness. Therefore, they produce essentially no dimensional changes in the finished part.

Use Insta-Blak A-385 anywhere.  No special equipment, control procedures, ventilation or heating.


Vary color from rich pewter gray to deep black by dilution and dwell time.  Results are uniform, consistent, repeatable...stable under lacquer...colorfast through age or sunlight.

Leave finish jet black to replace anodizing...or relieve and highlight to simulate pewter.  Seal or lacquer for added richness and abrasion resistance.

Insta-Blak A-385 blackens castings that cannot be anodized.  It can replace anodizing where metal-against-metal abrasion resistance is not required.

Insta-Blak A-385 is a non-caustic, odorless preparation of mild, water-soluble chemicals.


The sample worked out much better than other similar products I've had in the past.  The project I had was a one-off restoration of a 44 year old Wather target air pistol and the results were very good considering the limited facilities that I have.  I would consider Epi products in the future, though I probably wouldn't be in the market for much over the gallon sizes. - Dan - Alabama