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Insta-Blak A-384

Black Oxide Coating & Finishing for Aluminum & Touch-Up for Scratched Black Anodized Aluminum.

Insta-Blak A-384 is an acidic liquid concentrate used full strength that is applied by swab-on techniques for blackening engravings, etchings, prototype parts, touch-up for black aluminum, paint ball guns, black anodizing or for the quick touch-up of scratched or re-machined black anodized surfaces.


Insta-Blak A-384's blackening results are uniform, consistent, repeatable, stable under lacquer, and colorfast through age or sunlight.

Does your black anodized aluminum have scratches? Our Insta-Blak A-384 can be used to touch-up black anodized surfaces. It conforms to AMS 2483B for touch up of aluminum. Insta-Blak A-384 cannot replace hard anodized finishes where a high degree of abrasion resistance is required.