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Rust Preventatives

Rust Prevention & Corrosion Inhibitors

EPi offers many types of rust and corrosion prevention chemicals. E-Tec is our leading corrosion inhibitor product line. The E-Tecs are used to seal and enhance the depth of black for EPi’s Insta-Blak, B/Ox antiquing oxidizers, and Ultra-Blak black oxide chemical conversion metal finishes. Any unfinished ferrous metal, black oxide or phosphate finish is not complete without rust prevention and a sealant top coat. EPi offers a wide selection of top quality products to guard against rust and corrosion.

To determine the best products when looking for rust and corrosion prevention; the following factors should be considered:

  •  Salt spray; number of hours
  •  Humidity; number of days or hours
  •  Film type; slightly oily, very slightly oily, or dry to the touch
  •  Solvent base or water base formulations
  •  Water displacement MIL-C-16173-D Grade 3 specifications

View an E-Tec Summary Sheet for the various products available.