EPi established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of metal finishing and electroplating processes. EPi has also developed various other chemical solutions that are safe for most metal surfaces.

EPi offers a wide selection of products for the following applications: 


  • Acid Salts - a wide variety of surface preps, activators, acid salts, deoxidizers, derusters and etchants to meet your plating requirements
  • Anodizing - complete process for anodizing.
  • Bright Dips - a series of stabilized peroxide bright dip processes.
  • E-Preps -a variety of products used to prepare metal parts for the plating process.
  • Metal Stripping​ -  various products to remove metals from steel.
  • ​Phosphates​ - various products for corrosion protection.
  • ​Waste Treatment - several methods to reduce the waste.