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Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

EPi's not only a leader in the field of metal finishing and electroplating, but also a leader in the field of industrial cleaning chemicals. EPi established itself as a leader in the chemical cleaning industry by developing metal cleaning solutions that are safe for most metal surfaces.

EPi offers a wide selection of chemical cleaning solutions and industrial cleaning chemicals which can be used on a variety of metals. These solutions can be applied by soak cleaning, spray cleaning or electrocleaning.

Electrocleaning is typically used prior to electroplating to improve cleaning on parts. For example, with smutting on high steel parts, an electro cleaner is an excellent way to remove the smut.

There are two types of electrocleaning: anodic (reverse current) and cathodic (direct current like plating).

Anodic Electrocleaning – Oxygen is given off on the part when you anodic electro clean, producing oxygen bubbles that scrub the surface clean.

Cathodic Electrocleaning – Hydrogen is given off on the part when you cathodic electroclean, producing hydrogen bubbles on the parts (two times more bubbles than anodic cleaning). It is important to end on an anodic (reverse) to make sure the metallic impurities that are deposited on the part are removed, insuring excellent adhesion.

Electrocleaners are made of caustic, buffers, chelants, water conditioners, chrome reducer, and surfactants. EPi is willing to make a custom electrocleaner to meet your needs.

For more information on EPi’s metal cleaning chemicals, read our Chemical Cleaning Brochure for details on temperature, form, substrates and concentration. View an E-Kleen Summary Sheet for the various products available.