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Black Oxide

Black Oxide

EPi has provided quality and innovative metal blackening solutions for over 50 years! EPi is the Industry Leader in hot black oxide, mid temp black oxide, and room temp black oxide processes for steel. EPi is also one of the only companies to offer all three hot, mid temp and cold black oxide solutions.

EPi's line of hot, mid, and room temperature black oxides are ideal products for in-house blackening. Insta-Blak, Ultra-Blak, and the brand new Kool-Blak black oxide coatings present an impressive innovation for metal blackening solutions. EPi provides the safe and efficient turnkey blackening equipment line. You can expand on your current blackening line or install a new turnkey equipment line. Have greater control over your blackening processes and get it done in-house with EPi black oxide.

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Why Blacken?

1. Dimensional Stability: Blackening process produces essentially no dimensional change with only 5 to 10 millionths of an inch added to the dimension, which means the blackened parts retain their surface properties with polished surfaces retaining their gloss and heat-treated parts retaining their Rockwell hardness. Tool integrity is preserved and critically sized parts can be finished with no worries.

2. Anti-Galling: When it's necessary to break-in mating parts, the anti-galling surface sacrifices the lubricating layer of black during initial contact and abrasion while a work-hardened surface is formed.

3.Pleasing Esthetic Appeal: Produces a pleasing decorative black finish which enhances the perceived quality of the part, improving the stability of the part.

EPi offers a Black Oxide Trifecta with its advanced hot, mid-temperature, and cold black oxide processes!

Hot Black Oxide- Ultra-Blak 400 is a sodium hydroxide oxidizer nitrite/ nitrate bath for steel that operates at 285ºF. Approximate blackening time: 10-20 minutes. Ultra Blak 400 offers incredible abrasion resistance, produces a deep rich blue/black color and meets the Military Spec 13924 D and AMS 2485

Mid Temperature Black Oxide- KOOL-BLAK 225 is a sodium hydroxide nitrite/nitrate bath for steel that operates at 220º-245ºF. Approximate blackening time: 30-45 minutes. KOOL-BLAK 225 does not require boiling, is completely smut free and meets the Military Spec 13924 D and AMS 2485.

Room Temperature Black Oxide- Insta-Blak 333 is a phosphoric acid, selenium and copper bath that operates at 65º-85ºF. Approximate blackening time: 1-5 minutes. Insta Blak blackens a variety of metals, it is simple to use and provides considerable energy cost savings.

Blackening Sample Kits available.

EPi provides superior solutions for blackening for steel, but also has quality, efficient, innovative solutions for a variety of other metals. For more information on any of these metals, click the link below:

Check out our Black Oxide Audio/Video Series on You Tube or download EPi’s Black Oxide FAQ's.